Jolizz Sticky Bra Set is a 4-piece bra and nipple cover collection made with the intent of allowing women enjoy the freedom of wearing sexy backless, low-cut and strapless clothing without worrying about bra-straps rearing their ugly heads. Enjoy our dynamic range of push-up bras that come in easy-to-wear neutral colors and get the freedom to rock your favorite blouses, shirts and dresses comfortably. The inner sections of the bras and nipple covers are made from the highest quality, skin-friendly biological silicone, so you don’t have to worry about irritations to your skin. Hygiene is very important when it comes to intimate wear, this is why our bras and nippies are washable and they retain their stickiness even after multiple washes, hence they are reusable too! The bras have a unique design that help you achieve a natural-looking cleavage. You get 2 bras and a FREE pair of nipple covers when you purchase any of the sets. Experience the cool and comfy way to ditch traditional bras today!

Jolizz Sticky Bra Set


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