Skin Care Basics

Oftentimes, our facial woes as women are caused by nobody else than us. The breakouts didn’t just appear out of the blue. Unwashed makeup brushes, dirty pillowcases, and so many more habits can contribute to the regular occurrence of pimples on your face. Before you decide to use any include any skincare product into your beauty regimen or routine, be sure you are not causing the facial problems yourself. We have compiled a list of the easiest ways to ensure your face stays clear.

1.  Wash your face before bed every time.

If you don’t do this you are invariably inviting breakouts to your face. Ensure you wash off all of the day’s sweat and grime away from your pretty face before you sleep. Have a box of cleansing wipes on your nightstand for nights when you can’t wash off because you’re too tired.


2.  Rinse off all of your cleanser.


Leaving cleansers in your face equals leaving dirt in your face. Rinse your face properly after cleansing until you no longer feel the slippery or soapy sensation associated with cleansers on your face. Use lukewarm water as cold water closes off your pores and hot water causes your skin to become unnecessarily dry.

3.  Use oil-absorbing moisturizer.


Moisturizers are supposed to help your skin heal. When they start making your face feel greasy, then there’s a problem. We advise that you get a daily lotion that absorbs the excess oil on your face.

4.  Be gentle on your skin.


Go easy on your face when you decide to wash. Skip the hard scrubs and washcloths that can be quite rough on your face and can cause irritation. You don’t want to have your skin red and rough because you scrub too hard. Try cleansing brushes instead.

5.  Try astringents.


If your face still feels oily even after you have washed, try an astringent after cleansing. Avoid the trap of trying to over-wash. This can lead to your skin producing even more oil.

6.  Try exfoliation.


The idea behind this is to help remove the layers of dirt and dead skin cells blocking your pores. Exfoliation helps you unlock your skin’s natural glow.


7.  Stop touching your face.


You constantly have germs on your hands because you are constantly touching things and anytime you touch your face, you inadvertently transfer these germs to your face. This could be the reason why you have all of those blemishes. So, make conscious efforts to not touch your face as much.

8.  Wash your makeup brushes regularly.


Brushes can accumulate bacteria, so it is expedient that you wash them regularly because if you don’t, you risk the possibility of transferring all of the bacteria to your face. Wash them with brush cleansers or baby shampoo as an alternative.

These are simple, easy-to-do steps that help you prevent breakouts and keep your skin feeling healthy.

Unfortunately, we can never be careful enough, breakouts are bound to happen at some point. Not to worry though, we at Jolizz have got you covered with the best skincare products. Check out our Derma Roller if you’re having issues with breakouts and blackheads. 

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